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Upcoming Speaking Engagements for December 2009

Next week, I have the honor of presenting two different sessions on SSIS.  These 2 events are the last speaking engagements on my calendar for this year:

On Monday, December 14 at 11:30 CST, I’m presenting a SQL Lunch session to discuss looping logic in SSIS using the For Loop and the For Each Loop.  This will be a working session, consisting almost exclusively of demos.  Thanks to Patrick LeBlanc for yet another opportunity to present to this group.

The following day, Tuesday, December 15th at 11:00 CST, I’ll present “Looping, Moving Files, and Splitting Data Streams: Intermediate SSIS Tasks for the DBA” for the PASS DW/BI virtual chapter.

See you there!

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Tim Mitchell
Tim Mitchell is a business intelligence and SSIS consultant who specializes in getting rid of data pain points. Need help with data warehousing, ETL, reporting, or SSIS training? Contact Tim here: TimMitchell.net/contact

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