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January 2013

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Fish and Chips, Robin Hood, SSIS, and Me

I’m going to Nottingham, England, fabled home of Robin Hood, where I’m going to eat fish and chips and talk about SSIS.  How’s that for tying seemingly unrelated topics together? I’m happy to report that in addition to my full-day preconference seminar at SQLBits, I’ll also be delivering a regular session entitled Cleaning Up Dirty Data with SSIS on Friday,…

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Join me at SQLBits for a day of SSIS

I’m happy to announce that I’ve been selected to deliver a full day of training at the upcoming SQLBits conference in Nottingham, England.  This will be my first time taking part in SQLBits (in fact, it will be my first trip to the U.K.) and I’m very much looking forward to the experience. I’ll be delivering a full day presentation…

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Want to see me break SSIS this Thursday?

OK, I’m not really going to break it.  I’m just going to beat it up a little bit. This Thursday evening, I’ll be working my home turf at the North Texas SQL Server User Group monthly meeting, presenting “When ETL Goes Bad: Handling Errors and Anomalies in SSIS” at 6:15 at the Microsoft campus.  In this hour-long presentation, I’ll go…

Ragged flat file processing in SSIS

Ragged Flat File Processing in SSIS

Frequently I am asked how to properly use SQL Server Integration Services to handle ragged flat files, an example of which is shown below.  In this small sample file, you can see that we are dealing with medical data with an inconsistent format.  As shown, the rows in the pipe-delimited file can have as few as seven and as many…

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2012 in Review

With the year 2012 now in the rear view mirror, and while I’m still in the midst of my holiday vacation (two whole weeks! Feels very strange…) , I thought I’d take stock of my tasks and accomplishments of the past year. Sharing knowledge I must sound like a broken record when I say this, but I feel incredibly honored…

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I Need Your Vote!

Do your civic duty, and vote today!  Voting is now open for SQLBits, to be held in Nottingham, UK this May.  This event is probably the best-known SQL Server event outside of the US, and unlike most other such events, they use a popular-vote model for general session selection.  I’ve submitted three general sessions: When ETL Goes Bad: Handling Errors…

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The Great Blog Move of 2013

For at least a year, I’ve been considering changing blog platforms.  I set up my blog on TimMitchell.net using BlogEngine.NET several years back, a decision I made based primarily on the fact that this tool was built on ASP.NET and SQL Server as opposed to the LAMP platform used by WordPress, the real behemoth in the blogging world.  I told…

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Re-awarded MVP status for 2013

I received notification that I have received the Microsoft MVP award for 2013, my fourth consecutive year to receive this distinction. As always, I am grateful to my friends at Microsoft, the MVP program in particular, as well as my many friends and acquaintances in the SQL Server community.  It’s great to be a part of this big family.