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Office Hours Webinar: Is Biml Right for You?

biml[1] If you’ve read my blog or attended one of my presentations before, you almost certainly know that I’m a huge fan of Biml. If you’re building or maintaining SSIS packages (or you’re supervising those that do), you owe it to yourself to learn about Biml. I don’t make a lot of predictions, but I will make one here: Automation tools such as Biml are the future of ETL development. Now is the perfect time to get on board.

Later this month, my friend and colleague Andy Leonard and I will be participating in an online Office Hours event to discuss Biml. In this event, which will be held on May 27th at noon EDT, Andy and I will try to help you answer the question, “Is Biml right for me?” We’ll be sharing information about what Biml is and how it can fit into your ETL strategy. This will be a live session in which we’ll be addressing questions from attendees.

This event is entirely free and is open now for registration. The discussion will largely be driven by attendee questions and input. Some of the potential talking points:

  • What’s the best way to get started with Biml?
  • How much time can be saved by using Biml?
  • What types of projects can Biml help to automate?
  • Whom in my organization should be trained in Biml?
  • Do I need a Biml consultant?

We’re also accepting questions via email in advance of the event. Feel free to email your questions to info@linchpinpeople.com with the subject line “Biml Office Hours question” and we’ll do our best to include your questions in the discussion.

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Tim Mitchell is a business intelligence and SSIS consultant who specializes in getting rid of data pain points. Need help with data warehousing, ETL, reporting, or SSIS training? Contact Tim here: TimMitchell.net/contact

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  1. So, after 2 years, did your prediction come true? I am asking because I am unsure whether I should take a job as a BIML-developer or not.

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