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Webinar: Change Tracking for Data Warehouse Loads

loading-646934_1280For data warehouse professionals, change detection is critical. Accurately detecting new, changed, and deleted records means the difference between doing an expensive truncate-and-reload operation versus a smaller, faster incremental load. This is especially important as the volume of information stored in data warehouses continues to grow. SQL Server change tracking, a feature first introduced in SQL Server 2008, allows detection of changed data – including inserts, updates, and deletes – in tables that are monitored by change tracking. Change tracking can be useful for a variety of workloads, but is of particular interest in enterprise data warehouse scenarios, where accurately detecting new and changed records is critical to performance and data quality.

On Tuesday, September 22nd, I will host a webinar in which I cover the essentials of getting started with change tracking in a data warehouse environment. In this webinar, I’ll cover the initial setup of change tracking at the database level, how to enable a table for change tracking, and how to use change tracking functions for delta detection. The webinar is free, but space is limited. You can register for the webinar here.

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Tim Mitchell
Tim Mitchell is a business intelligence and SSIS consultant who specializes in getting rid of data pain points. Need help with data warehousing, ETL, reporting, or SSIS training? Contact Tim here: TimMitchell.net/contact

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