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Professional Development

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Getting Into the Biz, Part 2

In a previous blog post, I began writing about how one might start a career as a database professional, and agreed to share my own experience in doing so.  Since every person and every situation is different, I don’t declare my experience to be a recipe for success, but I’m happy to share it in hopes that someone can learn…

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Getting Into the Biz, Part 1

I’ve seen a good deal of coverage recently that is geared toward those who have recently begun a career as a database professional.  Brad McGehee posted this week about some potential topics for a book for new SQL Server developers, and Craig Outcalt is publishing a series of articles on SQLServerCentral.com aimed at new DBAs.  Brent Ozar also has a…

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Gartner Developer Conference

It’s been quite a week at the Gartner Application Development and Integration conference here in Nashville. I’ve never been to a development-focused event that was so abstract and theoretical; in fact, I don’t think I saw a single line of code during the entire conference. My time here started on Sunday afternoon; my flight arrived nearly on time at just…

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Microsoft SQL Server certification

A few weeks ago I was engaged in a useful discussion about the merits of getting certified on Microsoft SQL Server.  A number of people I’ve talked with about the MCDBA certification share my opinion that these tests were too easy and therefore held limited value to one’s career.  After all, what does it matter if you have a mess…

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With the New Year, New Challenges

I would love to find out the statistics about the number of people who blog on or just after New Year’s Day. I’m willing to wager that blogging websites, like health clubs and churches, see a surge of new activity on the first of January. Bloggers, like health club members, sometimes fall into a rut of inactivity, and the new…