Tim Mitchell, Data ArchitectI am a consultant specifically focused on data architecture, ETL, data warehousing, and reporting. I am available for consulting engagements on-site, remotely, or a combination of the two.

Among the consulting services I offer:

Data Warehouse Consulting

Building a single, centralized source of truth for business decision-making requires careful attention to all of the moving parts: creating the right data model, moving and transforming data, applying business rules, and information delivery. This exercise requires a blend of excellent technical skills, an analytical mindset, and risk awareness. As a consultant, I’ve helped scores of clients build out successful data warehouse infrastructures. I can provide architectural guidance, hands-on development, and/or advisory services to assist in your data warehouse project.

ETL/SSIS Consulting

Moving data quickly, securely, and with a high degree of accuracy requires significant experience using enterprise ETL tools. I have worked in data management for over 10 years, with most of that spent as a business intelligence and SSIS consultant. I’ve worked with clients to create ETL processes from small to very large and simple to extraordinarily complex. For some clients that do not have the staff to build ETL processes, I offer end-to-end services, from inception to design and delivery. For others who need architectural guidance, I can serve as a trainer, mentor, and unbiased advisor during the ETL development process. In addition, I am highly skilled at automating the SSIS build process by using Biml, which can often shorten the SSIS development cycle by weeks or months.

Reporting and Analytics

ETL and data warehousing is typically the internal plumbing of an information solution, and reporting and analytics represent the “faucet” for getting data to the right people in the right format. To round out a proper data warehouse solution, I can provide guidance and/or hands-on development in the reporting and analytics space.

Contact Me

If you have any questions about my consulting or training services, you can contact me here.