Writing Series

SSIS and ETL Resources I am in the midst of incrementally publishing a guide to ETL best practices. This guide is platform-agnostic, intended to highlight recommended methodologies for ETL architectures on any platform.

I am writing a series of posts on using SSIS in the cloud, as well as a series on SQL Server temporal tables.

I also have a series of SSIS Basics articles for those who are new to SQL Server Integration Services.

I’ve also published a book on the SSIS Catalog.


I founded the SSIS Catalog Dashboard project, published on GitHub. This project uses a set of SQL Server Reporting Services reports to peek into the execution history of the SSIS catalog.

Presentation Materials

Download the materials from some of my past presentations:

Change Tracking and Temporal Tables (LA SQL Server User Group – August 2022)
Maximizing SSIS Package Performance (January 2021 webinar)
Build a Metadata-Driven ETL Repository with Biml and SSIS (PASS Summit 2018)
Are There Time Bombs in Your SSIS Packages? (SQL Saturday Dallas, May 2018)
Intro to Biml (SQL Saturday Dallas, May 2018)
Loading a Data Warehouse with SSIS (Live360, November 2017)
Introduction to Azure SQL DB (Live360, November 2017)
Advanced SSIS Package Authoring with Biml (Live360, November 2017)
SSIS and the Cloud: Yes, They Can Get Along (PASS Summit, October 2017)
Testing SSIS Packages (PASS BI Virtual Chapter, April 2017)

Please note that all code is provided as-is with no expressed or implied warranty. Use at your own risk.

Stuff I read

Data Loading Performance Guide – Loading lots of data into SQL Server?  You need to read this.

Tools is a great resource for learning and using Biml. Code snippets, videos, and how-to guides will help you get started, and are great resources to use for reference when building Biml and BimlScript solutions.
Notepad++ is Notepad on steroids. ‘Nuff said.
Here’s a listing of a ton of free SQL Server utilities. Enjoy!
SQL Server Build Numbers – A handy reference to quickly identify which version of SQL Server is being used. – The place to find any connection string you will ever need.
SSIS to SQL Server data type translation
SQL Server, SSIS, and Biml Data Type Reference