Best Practices

I am in the midst of incrementally publishing a guide to ETL best practices. This guide is platform-agnostic, intended to highlight recommended methodologies for ETL architectures on any platform.

Presentation Materials

Download the materials from some of my recent presentations:
Change Tracking Webinar (9/22/2015)
Incremental Load Design Patterns – SQL Saturday Oklahoma City (7/29/2015)
Maximizing SSIS Package Performance – Performance Palooza 2015 (7/23/2015)
Next Level SSIS series – North Texas SQL Server User Group (June-Aug 2014)
SSIS Scripting – SQL Saturday #271 Albuquerque (01/25/2014)

Please note that all code is provided as-is with no expressed or implied warranty. Use at your own risk.

Stuff I read

Data Loading Performance Guide – Loading lots of data into SQL Server?  You need to read this.

Tools is a great resource for learning and using Biml. Code snippets, videos, and how-to guides will help you get started, and are great resources to use for reference when building Biml and BimlScript solutions.
BIDS Helper is a Visual Studio add-in with some nice features for SSIS. All the cool kids are using BIDS Helper.
Notepad++ is Windows Notepad on steriods. ‘Nuff said. produces a great Trash Destination and Data Generator for SSIS, among other tools.
Here’s a listing of a ton of free SQL Server utilities. Enjoy! – The place to find any connection string you will ever need.
SSIS to SQL Server data type translation
SQL Server, SSIS, and Biml Data Type Reference