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DQS Composite Domains and Value Combinations

As I’ve been working with Data Quality Services over the past few weeks, I’ve spent a lot of time working with data domains, composite domains, and rules.  In that exploration, I’ve found some behavior that might not be expected when performing cleansing operations against a knowledge base containing a composite domain. In this post, I’ll outline the expected data cleansing…

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DQS Validation Rules on Composite Domains

In Data Quality Services, composite domains can be created to associate together two or more natural domains within a knowledge base.  Like natural domains, composite domains can also contain one or more validation rules to govern which domain values are valid.  In my last post, I discussed the use of validation rules against natural domains.  In this post, I’ll continue…

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DQS Domain Validation Rules

A compelling feature of the new Data Quality Services in SQL Server 2012 is the ability to apply rules to fields (domains) to describe what makes up a valid value.  In this brief post, I’d like to walk through the concepts of domain validation and demonstrate how this can be implemented in DQS. Domain validation essentials Let’s ponder domain validation…