Returning to PASS Summit

In just a couple of weeks, the PASS Summit will return to Seattle, Washington. This one will be extra special, since it’s going to be the first in-person Summit in three years.

When COVID upended normal life back in March of 2020, it also had a huge impact on in-person events. That year, the PASS Summit was changed from in-person to online only, and due to the financial impact of that change, the PASS organization had to cease operations. Fortunately, Redgate Software, a longtime loyal supporter of the Microsoft data platform community, stepped in to carry on the PASS tradition, including the yearly Summit. Redgate’s ran their first PASS Summit as a virtual event, so next month’s conference will be the first in-person PASS Summit since 2019.

Returning to PASS Summit

This event is the first in-person event I will have attended since PASS Summit 2019. There have been several other community events that have taken place this year as things have gone mostly back to normal, but the events that have interested me unfortunately conflicted with other activities on my schedule. So for me, this feels a bit like a homecoming, a formal transition back to a state of professional normalcy. There are dozens of colleagues and friends with whom I am very much looking forward to reconnecting.

This year, I’ll be presenting one session, entitled Azure Data Factory Essentials for SSIS Developers. This will be very different for me, in that this is a prerecorded session and I’ll be online to answer any questions that come up.

Let’s Connect

If you’re attending PASS Summit and would like to catch up, send me a note or just catch me in person at the event. I’ll be in town from Tuesday to Friday. I’m very much looking forward to seeing you there!



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