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SSIS Basics

SSIS BasicsSQL Server Integration Services (SSIS) has been a staple of the Microsoft business intelligence stack since 2005. Descended from Data Transformation Services (DTS), SSIS is an enterprise-ready, fast, and easy-to-use ETL system built on top of Microsoft SQL Server. Most anyone can learn the SSIS basics in just a few hours.

SSIS Basics

While SSIS makes it relatively easy to get started moving data, there are some nuances within ETL tools in general and in SSIS in particular that require a bit more explanation. On this page I intend to fill in that gap by sharing some useful getting started information for SSIS learners. Most of the links are to posts on this site, but where appropriate I have included links to external resources as well.

I am always adding new content to this collection. If you have an introductory topic you’d like to see covered here, send me a note and I’ll consider adding it to the queue.

Control Flow

SSIS Precedence Constraints
Continue Package Execution After Error In SSIS
Conditional File Processing In A ForEach Loop
Get Started with the For Loop Container in SSIS

Data Flow

Processing Multiple Files In SSIS With The Foreach Loop
Using The SSIS Multiple Flat Files Connection Manager
Using Custom File Delimiters In SSIS
Using the SSIS Object Variable as a Data Flow Source
Space Sensitivity In SSIS Lookups
SSIS Lookup Cache Modes

SSIS Catalog

Introduction to the SSIS Catalog (video)
Creating The SSIS Catalog
SSIS Catalog Logging Tables
SSIS Custom Logging Levels
Deleting A Package From The SSIS Catalog
SSIS Catalog Project Versioning


A Better Way To Execute SSIS Packages With T-SQL
How Much Memory Does SSIS Need?
Using Parameters and Expressions in SSIS (video)
Using Project Connections in SSIS

Need more help?

In addition to the above resources, I have a comprehensive set of training classes available. I also provide professional mentoring and consulting if you need personalized guidance or hands-on assistance.