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Change detection

Change detection

Webinar: Change Detection in SQL Server

Change detection is a critical component of any system that moves data from one structure to another. Most data movement mechanisms are designed to move a subset of the data – only that which is new or changed since the last load. For that to work properly, there must be a reliable system for detecting delta data touched since the…

SQL Server Change Tracking

Video: Introduction to SQL Server Change Tracking

SQL Server change tracking is a lightweight and synchronous mechanism for detecting inserts, updates, and deletes in tracked tables. For those of us who spend a lot of time in ETL, change tracking is a useful tool for defining what data has changed to make the extract-transform-load process more efficient. SQL Server Change Tracking In this 30-minute video, I introduce…

Using change tracking in SSIS

Using Change Tracking in SSIS

Recently, I wrote about how to get started with SQL Server change tracking, and I demonstrated a design pattern I use with change tracking in incremental load scenarios. In this post, I’ll round out the topic by showing how using change tracking in SSIS packages can add more flexibility to ETL processes. Using Change Tracking in SSIS In my last post I…

Change tracking for incremental loads

Using SQL Server Change Tracking for Incremental Loads

Earlier this week I wrote about the basics of change tracking in SQL Server, and showed how to get started using this technology for change detection. In this post, I’ll continue what I started by demonstrating how change tracking fits into a larger design pattern for end-to-end incremental load ETL processes. Incremental Load Overview ETL processes fall into one of…

Getting Started with Change Tracking in SQL Server

Change tracking for SQL Server is a flexible and easy-to-use technology for monitoring tables for inserts, updates, and deletes. In this post, I’ll discuss getting started with change tracking in SQL Server, and will show an example of how to get started with it. Change Tracking Overview Change tracking is a lightweight mechanism for tracking which rows have been inserted,…