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For those just starting out with SSIS

Having cut my teeth on SQL Server 2000, I had some (but not a lot) of DTS experience.  Recently I found myself presented with a massive ETL project, and found a perfect opportunity to get started with SQL Server Integration Services. With the help of a couple of great books and one magazine (I’ll mention those shortly), I have spent…

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SSC bought out by Red Gate… Now what?

One of the highlights of my weekday mornings is reading the editorial by Steve Jones of SQLServerCentral.com.  However, this past Tuesday’s newsletter was particularly newsworthy: Steve announced the sale of the SQLServerCentral.com site to Red Gate software, a UK-based manufacturer of SQL Server tools. Though the timing came as a surprise, I have to say that the sale did not. …

SQL Injection

SQL Injection… is this still a problem?

For some reason, today I came across at least a half-dozen blog posts and articles about how to avoid SQL injection attacks.  It had been a while since I had read about SQL injections, and an odd thought comes to mind: Why is SQL injection still an issue? This is such an easy problem to get around.  The use of…

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Be on the lookout for the mistakes of others

I’ve come to learn that there are some really flaky systems out there.  Not just a few quirks here and there, but significant problems that someone should have caught. For example, I spent some time earlier this week consolidating two SQL Server machines into one.  Through this process, I had to evaluate the vendor app that interfaced with one of…

Tips for social media success

From Open Source to Microsoft

After almost a year of investigation, market analysis, and contemplation, I have decided to shift from Perl/PHP/MySQL to a Microsoft ASP.NET/ADO.NET architecture, focusing on C# development. This change will affect my current college enrollment, career goals, and all of my websites I currently own and/or manage. Why, after investing so much time in learning the LAMP (Linux/Apache/MySQL/Perl/PHP) platform, would I…