Tim Mitchell
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December 2008

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When Data Mining Goes Too Far

Data mining is commonly used to find otherwise undetectable patterns in related sets of data.  However, sometimes these patterns provide absolutely useless information.  This story on FoxNews.com explains a recent correlation between teens who skip breakfast and those that lose their virginity earlier in life.  Interesting information, yes, but what exactly does a parent or other concerned party do with this?  Is…

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SQL Quiz: Two Mistakes

I was tagged by Gail Shaw to post two big mistakes made during my professional career.  The only challenge here was to narrow the list down to two 🙂 The first one is very easy.  During my early days working with SQL Server, I wore a lot of hats, including that of web developer.  One of my first major web projects was…

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SQL Quiz: Career Challenges

I’ve read a number of responses from Chris Shaw’s first DBA networking quiz.  I missed out on the first one, but I have been tagged by Grant Fritchey for the second round. The Questions for this quiz… What are the largest challenges that you have faced in your career and how did you overcome those? 1) The first one of these, I still…

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The Next Generation DBA

DBA, database developer, analyst, SQL grunt, or whatever your title may be, there is no question that your role will be evolving in the next few years. I read a couple of posts from Jason Massie about the Death of the DBA (part 1 and part 2) earlier today, in which he predicts a diminishing market for database administrators, and SQL DBAs…