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October 2009

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Don’t Be This Guy

I have a sad story to tell you.  Sit down and grab a tissue. It was 10pm on a cool night in September 2005.  Somewhere in Grapevine, Texas, a junior SQL Server professional was sitting alone in a hotel room watching TV.  He was tired but not exhausted, having spent all day learning his trade at the Super Bowl of…

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Electronic Health Records – What’s the Big Deal? (Part 2)

In the first installment of this discussion, I talked about the challenges facing database professionals and others with respect to healthcare data integration.  In this post I’ll talk about the first part of the problem: a lack of adoption of the required technologies and/or methodologies.  I’ll also describe when an electronic health record really isn’t. We’ve all seen it; it…

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PASS Board of Directors Election

Anyone who has kept up with PASS-related news during the past couple of weeks is keenly aware of the fallout surrounding this year’s Board of Directors election.  I’ve been associated with PASS for a number of years now (though admittedly I wasn’t as connected or involved as I am now), but I can’t recall there ever having been a BOD election…

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I’m a Bingo Square!

If you meet me at PASS, you can win prizes! OK, so maybe there’s a little more to it than that.  Quest Software is hosting a SQL Bingo game, where players will meet various “squares” and log each person’s code word onto a randomly generated bingo sheet.  There will be daily drawings for prizes, and the game, like the smoky…

Electronic Health Records

Electronic Health Records – What’s the Big Deal? (Part 1)

Last week, I had lunch with an old friend who is, by his own definition, technologically ignorant.  While we caught up, he asked me to explain in terms he could understand what I do for a living.  I went through one of my spiels (the one usually reserved for relatives who only know that I work “with computers”), delivering a…

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SQL Lunch Recap

Earlier this week, I delivered a presentation entitled “Deploying Report Builder 2.0 for Self-Service Reporting” as part of the new SQL Lunch series.  This was my first presentation for this series, and I was pleasantly surprised with the turnout – thanks to the 110 people who showed up!  We did have a technical snafu: apparently the presenter link was mistakenly…

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Do You Blog? The FTC May Be Watching

If you are a blogger and you post product reviews on your blog, you may have to answer to the FTC starting in December.  An article in the New York Times earlier this week outlines a new Federal Trade Commission regulation currently under review which, if approved, would tighten the rules of disclosure that must be followed by those who…

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Upcoming SQL Developer Training Course in Ft. Worth

If you are in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area and are interested in SQL Server developer training, there is an opportunity coming up later this month.  Mike Hotek is delivering a 4-weekend course on SQL Server development in Ft. Worth.  The $25 course fee is an incredible bargain, and having attended one of his business intelligence courses before, I can attest…