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SQL Lunch Recap

Earlier this week, I delivered a presentation entitled “Deploying Report Builder 2.0 for Self-Service Reporting” as part of the new SQL Lunch series.  This was my first presentation for this series, and I was pleasantly surprised with the turnout – thanks to the 110 people who showed up!  We did have a technical snafu: apparently the presenter link was mistakenly sent out to some attendees, and we had several dozen people who were authorized as presenters, which caused some problems including a disconnect in the middle of the session.  Fortunately, most if not everyone got reconnected quickly and I was able to finish on time without skipping any material.  Sadly, the disconnect also shut off the recording, but I’ll consider presenting this session again since we had such a high level of interest.

I’ve found that I learn something new each time I present to a group, and this time was no exception.  One of the attendees shared that Report Builder 3.0 is in CTP and available for download.  Perhaps I’ll get started on the CTP and give another talk on it around the release of SQL Server 2008 R2.  Ping me if you’d be interested in this…

The slide deck from Monday’s presentation is now available on my website.

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