SSIS Training

SSIS Training One of the benefits of consulting is that I get to see and learn from a lot of different design patterns – both good and bad – out in the real world. It is that experience that allows me to offer high-quality SSIS training in addition to my consulting services. Over the years I have built a rich library of training content that I have delivered to thousands of technical and business professionals all over the world.

SSIS Training

Course listing

In addition to the structured training classes listed above, I also work with clients to create customized learning plans to make the most of the training time and money.

The classes above are typically delivered onsite at your office. Some of the courses above can be delivered remotely, and occasionally some are offered as public classes. Public classes will be announced in advanced on my blog and in my newsletter.

If you have questions about the training options for SSIS, or if you are looking for training on an ETL- or SSIS-related topic not listed above, feel free to contact me to discuss.