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It’s the Process

Unless you’ve spent the last two days hiding under a rock, you’ve heard the uproar around this week’s development in the PASS board election.  The Nominating Committee (NomCom) published the list of candidates who will be on the ballot for this year’s three open board positions.  Five candidates made the cut; two did not.  The buzz – mostly negative –…

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User Group Leaders: Who Are Your Members?

At the MVP Summit last week, I was talking with fellow Dallas-area tweep Sean McCown about our local SQL Server user group membership.  I think our group is unique because of its sheer size; we typically have between 70 and 90 people at our monthly meetings, with a mailing list that goes out to between 600 and 800 people.  So…

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PASS Board of Directors Election

Anyone who has kept up with PASS-related news during the past couple of weeks is keenly aware of the fallout surrounding this year’s Board of Directors election.  I’ve been associated with PASS for a number of years now (though admittedly I wasn’t as connected or involved as I am now), but I can’t recall there ever having been a BOD election…

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Social Networking: Where Do I Start?

In a blog post a few weeks ago, I wrote about social networking in the SQL Server community.  I was inspired by being witness to a colleague posting on Twitter about being unexpectedly and suddenly thrust into the open market of looking for a job.  His network responded immediately, rebroadcasting his message and exponentially widening his circle.  It seems like…

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Social Networking in the SQL Server Community

Like many SQL Server (and other technology) people, I utilize several social networking vehicles to stay in touch with others in the SQL community.  Some of those who don’t use Facebook and Twitter (among others) have expressed skepticism of the real value of social networking.  Does it work? Does it provide any value beyond entertainment? Can it actually help your…

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SSC bought out by Red Gate… Now what?

One of the highlights of my weekday mornings is reading the editorial by Steve Jones of SQLServerCentral.com.  However, this past Tuesday’s newsletter was particularly newsworthy: Steve announced the sale of the SQLServerCentral.com site to Red Gate software, a UK-based manufacturer of SQL Server tools. Though the timing came as a surprise, I have to say that the sale did not. …