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Data leaks

Where Are Your Data Leaks?

It has been almost impossible to avoid reading about the numerous large-scale data breaches reported on a seemingly daily basis. Stories of bad actors getting their hands on personal data are terrifying and always result in bad press for the breached company. However, not all data exposure scenarios make the news, and many can go unnoticed or unreported for years. Data leaks…

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Why Make Up Test Data? Snag Some Government Data

… and by government data, I mean the mountain of data recently made available by the G-Men on Data.gov.  This site contains what must be terabytes of data on every topic from environmental measurements to crime statistics, from geographical data to labor statistics.  The Obama administration has committed to greater transparency, and the availability of this data is a significant…

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Gotta love the Information Age

First it was CNN 24×7.  Next the Internet brought us live information from around the globe. Now this…  real-time pizza tracking…

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Gartner Developer Conference

It’s been quite a week at the Gartner Application Development and Integration conference here in Nashville. I’ve never been to a development-focused event that was so abstract and theoretical; in fact, I don’t think I saw a single line of code during the entire conference. My time here started on Sunday afternoon; my flight arrived nearly on time at just…