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Dunder Mifflin Data

My New Favorite Demo Dataset: Dunder Mifflin Data

Those of us who write technical articles and deliver technical presentations are always on the lookout for the perfect data set for demonstration and testing. Microsoft has done a good job of putting together sample databases including Wide World Importers, AdventureWorks, and Northwind Traders. Personally, I’ve found each of these useful, but I had no particular attachment to any of…

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SSIS Locals

Checking SSIS Variable Values During Runtime

As anyone who reads my blog on a regular basis knows, I’m a big fan of using dynamic configurations, including SSIS parameters variables, to make my ETL architectures as flexible as possible. However, along with those dynamic behaviors comes the challenge of troubleshooting and debugging. Because variables and parameters do not have static values (by design), working your way through…