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With the New Year, New Challenges

I would love to find out the statistics about the number of people who blog on or just after New Year’s Day. I’m willing to wager that blogging websites, like health clubs and churches, see a surge of new activity on the first of January. Bloggers, like health club members, sometimes fall into a rut of inactivity, and the new year is a great time to resolve to change one’s ways. To illustrate this point, I am writing my first blog in a month.

A New Year’s blog wouldn’t be complete without at least some level of thankfulness for the blessings of the past year, so here goes. The past year brought great changes to my life; not since the birth of my son has so much changed in such a short period of time. 2005 brought me a new job and many more challenges therein. The financial benefits of the new job has put us in the market for a new home for the first time in almost four years. In addition, my son has morphed from a baby into a walking, talking shorter version of me. I indulged another another dream of mine and began writing professionally, and actually got a few items published. Life changes quickly, particularly during the early years of parenthood, so I must take a brief moment to be thankful for the new developments in my life during the past year.

My thankfulness for 2005 pours into optimism for 2006. I am very excited about my new job and the challenges it holds. I have had to learn a new language (VB.NET) for this position, a task that did not excite me but has since proven to be a positive experience. I am working on a very large and very visible project which should allow me to use – and demonstrate – my skills as a programmer and database developer in ways I never have before. Of course, the possibility of buying a new house is always exciting. [Perhaps a new home will make room for an addition to the family sometime in the future….?] But without a doubt, the most critical item currently on the radar for 2006 will be the completion of my degree in computer science, which should be completed in August.

Now that my New Year’s blog is complete, I publicly resolve to be more prudent in keeping my blog current. Next stop: the health club! 🙂

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