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For SSIS developers, the need for proper documentation is crucial.  However, the built-in object for documentation, the annotation, is difficult to use.  It doesn’t wrap text, doesn’t support varying font styles in a single instance, and doesn’t offer spell checking.  Further, all annotations are “at large” and are not attached to a particular object – they are associated with a specific task or component only by the location in which you place them.

If you’re like me and would like to see improvements to the SSIS annotation tool, consider visiting Microsoft Connect and offering your vote and feedback on a couple of items:

Connect Item 483132 – Suggestion to improve the SSIS annotation tool by adding rich-text capability.  I added this item this morning.

Connect Item 216927 – Suggestion to allow linking of annotation to a specific object (task, component, etc.).  This one has been out there for a while but only has a few votes.

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