SQL PASS Summit 2009 – Day Zero

For me, today was the start of a six-day SQL Server adventure at the PASS Summit in Seattle.  The day started off not so well, with my 2 year old finding – and losing – the digi cam’s memory card, which is apparently obsolete and can’t be replace.  Off to an unscheduled trip to Best Buy for a new camera.  At Love Field in Dallas, I had a nice long visit with an agent of the TSA, where I was briefed about the proper packing of liquids and was subsequently relieved of some of what I’d packed.

I was able to meet up with my friend and Summit roommate Jack Corbett on the second leg of my flight, and he and I caught up on all things PASS and various other topics.  After arriving in Seattle, we met up with Wendy Pastrick and Damon Clark and shared a town car over to the Sheraton.

After dinner, we headed to Zig Zag just down the hill from the hotel and a few hundred yards from the famous Seattle fish market.  I met for the first time several SQL Server tweeps I’d never met, including Andy Leonard, Jason Strate, Grant Fritchey, Chris Massey, Colin Stasiuk, Scott Schwartz, and Todd McDermid, and also caught up with Jason Massie and Jessica Moss, among others.

The day’s been a long one, and coupled with the 2-hour time difference and last night’s change back to standard time, my body clock is a wreck.  But fatigue bedamned, it’s going to be a great week.

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