2009 Goals in Review

Late last year, I blogged about some goals I had set for myself to accomplish during 2009.  No goal-setting session is complete until you spend some time reviewing your completion of, or progress toward, those goals.  To that end, I’ll address those goals and how well I did for each of them during the past 12 months.

Presenting: I give myself highest marks on this one, as it was my big success for the year.  I greatly surpassed my goal of 3 presentations for the year, delivering ten presentations this year.

Blogging: Another success.  I had committed to blog twice per week during the year, for a total of about a hundred posts.  I haven’t tallied up all of the posts for the year, but I’m close to if not at that number for the year.  Action items include being more consistent in blogging (I tend to have bursts of blog posts, where I should be scheduling them ahead of time), and blogging more about specific technical subjects.

Forum Participation: I didn’t do as well on this as I had planned.  I had spikes of forum activity this year, where I’d spend a lot of time answering questions in one month and then drop off the following month.  I was not as consistent with my participation as I had hoped, and I’m going to include this for my improvement goals for 2010 as well.

Spend time with 12 new people: Success.  I committed to have dinner and/or drinks with at least 12 people that I’d never met before, and I went well beyond that goal.  This was made easier by way of my speaking “tour” of 2009.

Publish monthly articles and videos: Goals not met.  I committed to monthly articles and bimonthly training videos for SQLShare.com (formerly JumpstartTV.com), and I fell well short of that goal.

Certify on SQL Server 2008 BI: Goal not met. To be honest, I was not as fired up about this as I was about other goals so I’m not going to beat myself up too much, but I would still like to earn this designation at some point.  I’ve got a lot happening in 2010 so I may or may not add this one in for next year.

That’s it… Overall I give myself a passing grade, but I’ve got a few things that I’m going to be revisiting for next year.  Look for an upcoming blog post with next year’s plan of action.

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