Shameless Plug: Vote For My Sessions!

Have you voted yet for my sessions your favorite sessions for SQL Rally?  If not, this is a friendly reminder to hop on over and vote now.  You have to have a PASS login to vote, but don’t worry – it’s free to get one and takes about 2 minutes.

Out of the 60 total sessions to be presented at the event, 20 of those will be chosen by popular vote.  To avoid potential conflict of interest, those of us who were part of “the crew” for evaluating and selecting SQL Rally sessions were not eligible to be selected as part of the general selection. Therefore, both of the sessions that I submitted are up for vote in the community voting process.

I’ve submitted two sessions for this event:

Getting Started with the EzAPI for SSIS

The SQL Server Data Tools (formerly BIDS) environment is a very capable platform for developing SQL Server Integration Services packages.  However, there are times when ETL needs require more flexibility and dynamic behavior than what SSDT provides.  In this session, we will discuss the EzAPI for SSIS, which is a framework for dynamically altering package elements at runtime.  We’ll briefly review the capabilities exposed in the EzAPI, and will walk through a few practical examples of using this framework.

Introduction to Data Quality Services

politicianIn this session, we will take a quick tour of the new data quality tool released with SQL Server 2012. With SQL Server Data Quality Services, data professionals now have an easy-to-use framework with which they can analyze and maintain data quality. This session will serve as an introduction to this new product – we will discuss DQS concepts and architecture, review the server and client components of DQS, and will demonstrate the DQS component for SSIS.

I Want Your Vote

So if you want to see me present one or both of these sessions (and you know that you do), get out and vote!  I hope to see you there.

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