Survey: Skipping the Holidays?

Skipping the HolidaysFor a little pre-holiday fun, I’ve got a simple scenario to present to you, and I am interested in your response.

Your holiday plans are made. All of your family and friends expect to see you at the annual holiday gathering. Your kids are expecting you there on Christmas morning as they open presents.

You unexpectedly get a call from your boss or your big client today, December 23rd – just two days before Christmas. She pleads with you:

“We have an urgent situation and we need you onsite with us for the next couple of days. Please get on a plane immediately and come help us. Just name your price.”

Saying yes means that you’d be out of town and would miss out on the holiday with your family. Saying no means you turn down a potentially very lucrative short-term gig.

So, what do you tell your boss/client?

You can take the survey here. I will post the results here in a few days.

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2 Comments on "Survey: Skipping the Holidays?"

  1. The survey has 1 flaw … it assumes that I’m not happy to have an excuse to miss spend time with family.

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