The Eleven Days of Festivus 2020

We’re rounding the corner to the second half of December, which means it’s time for my favorite holiday: Festivus! Like many of you, I enjoy gathering around the Festivus pole and sharing the time-honored traditions such as the Feats Of Strength and the Airing Of Grievances.

But my favorite Festivus tradition takes place right here on this blog: the Eleven Days of Festivus. Each year, I write a daily blog post each of the eleven days leading up to Festivus, usually around a central theme. This year, the topic will be….

ETL antipatterns

I write a lot about extraction, transformation, and loading (ETL) design patterns, and this year I’m flipping that around to demonstrate what not to do. For each of the next eleven days, I’ll share a pattern you should avoid when designing or building ETL processes.

Day 1 ETL Antipattern: Start With Writing Code

Day 2 ETL Antipattern: Processing Too Much Data

Day 3 ETL Antipattern: Performing Full Loads Instead of Incremental Loads

Day 4 ETL Antipattern: Lazy Metadata

Day 5 ETL Antipattern: No Error Handling Logic

Day 6 ETL Antipattern: Failing to Treat ETL Logic as Source Code

Day 7 ETL Antipattern: Failure to Test and Validate

Day 8 ETL Antipattern: Load Processes that Don’t Scale

Day 9 ETL Antipattern: Skipping the Documentation

Day 10 ETL Antipattern: Ignore the Logging

Day 11 ETL Antipattern: Ignoring the “Why?”






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