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button_event_summit2012It seems just yesterday that we were all in Seattle together, getting a crash course in what’s new and exciting in SQL Server.  It couldn’t possible have been 8 months since we were attending after-party events together, stopping by the Tap House for a beer, or closing down Bush Gardens with some spectacular SQL Karaoke.  Yet here were are, getting in the swing of conference season and preparing for this year’s SQL PASS Summit to be held again in Seattle, Washington.

I’m presenting

I’m happy to announce that I’ll be delivering three presentations at this year’s November summit: I was selected for two regular sessions and one preconference seminar.

My two regular sessions are Data Quality Services in the Enterprise and When ETL Goes Bad: Handling Errors and Data Anomalies in SSIS.  I’ve delivered some content on DQS before, and I’m looking forward to expanding this presentation for a larger crowd and longer timeframe.  I’ve been mentally putting together the error/anomaly presentation for some time, and I’m excited about sharing my experience in this area.

The precon I’m delivering is actually a platoon effort among my fellow authors on the SSIS Design Patterns book (which will be released next month).  This full day precon will be in the same vein as the book; we will be sharing from our own experiences some best practices, tips and tricks, and horror stories.

Andy Leonard, Matt Masson, and I did a version of this precon last year.  This year’s version will not only be updated for SQL 2012, but will also feature Jessica Moss and Michelle Ufford to round out the entire author team.

“We are family….”

The annual PASS Summit is the one event I look forward to more than any other.  I look forward to the deep and broad content on SQL Server, but just as importantly, I enjoy getting the opportunity to network with the SQL Community.  If you’ve never been to a PASS event, or if you’ve attended before but didn’t get engaged in the community, I’d encourage you to come back and get to know us.

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