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SSIS Design PatternsI’m happy to announce that the book I’ve been working on for the past two years, SSIS Design Patterns, is complete and has been released for sale as of today. I got the unique privilege to work alongside SSIS rock stars Andy Leonard, Jessica Moss, Matt Masson, and Michelle Ufford to scribe what will hopefully be a must-have book for anyone working in the SQL Server Integration Services space.

I’m immensely grateful for the opportunity to have participated in this project. Thanks first and foremost to my four fine coauthors – I’m humbled to even be mentioned in the same context as you folks. Thanks also to the good people at APress publishing: Jonathan Gennick, Mark Powers, and many others who kept us on track and helped to point out our dangling modifiers and run-on sentences. Thanks also to the folks I work with and for during my day job, who were gracious in their support and encouragement during this effort.

Along with the SSIS Design Patterns book release, the five of us are putting together a full day seminar to be delivered at the SQL PASS summit this fall. We’ll expand on the topics covered in the book, with more examples, more design patterns, and lively discussion among the authors. Registration for this event is still open. Hope to see you there!

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