PASS Summit 2014 Diary – Day 1

Today is the first day of official activities for the week.  The PASS Summit hasn’t yet started, but I’ll be spending the day at the MVP Summit, surrounded by a few hundred people much smarter than I am.  The details of the MVP Summit are all covered under NDA, so today’s update will be brief.

IMG_688206:00am: I woke up and saw that the clock read 7:00am.  After a brief moment of panic, I realized that I hadn’t slept through my alarm, but had simply neglected to change the alarm clock in the hotel room.  For once, I’m happy about the whole DST time change.

07:15am: Breakfast at the top of the Hilton.  There’s a great view from the 29th floor, with a  panoramic look over the sound (and the picture to the right doesn’t really do it justice).

08:00am: Headed to the MVP summit.

09:00pm: After the MVP Summit activities, I’m back in Seattle to drop my stuff off and meet up with some folks.  I found my friend Keith Tate wandering around in the Sheraton lobby, and we all wandered over to Tap House.  There’s already a sizeable group of folks here.

09:45pm: I still suck at playing pool.

10:15pm: Found my friend and fellow Texan Jim Murphy.  He tells me about how his business is going while I make fun of his oversized fruity drink.  I also got to catch up with Paul Waters, Phil Helmer, and others.

11:30pm: For the second day in a row, and against all odds, I’m headed back to the hotel before midnight.  After a quick stop at the front desk – I left my card key in the room and had to get a replacement.

Tomorrow is another long day, though I expect to be back in Seattle earlier in the day.  I’m looking forward to catching up with folks at two different events (at the same time, of course) tomorrow, followed by a smaller gathering with a few friends.  More tomorrow….

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