PASS Summit 2014 Diary – Day 2

It’s another beautiful day in Seattle. And by beautiful, I mean overcast and threatening rain.  Today will be mostly consumed by the MVP Summit, with some fun stuff scheduled for later in the day.  At 6pm today, I’m headed back to the Tap House for BI Over Beers, a gathering of business intelligence professionals sponsored by Varigence.

08:00am: On the bus to the MVP Summit.

rain08:30am: Hey look, it’s raining.

08:40am: Hey look, I’m standing in the rain.

05:30pm: MVP Summit finished up for the day, and we’re headed back to Seattle for several events tonight.  Lots of traffic so it’s a slow ride, but I’m getting to catch up with Aaron Nelson.

06:15pm: I’m attending the BI Over Beers event hosted by my friends at Varigence.  We’re in the large billiard room at the Tap House, with a good crowd of 100 or so folks.

IMG_690108:00pm: Stopping by the Yardhouse to attend the networking event organized by Steve Jones and Andy Warren. Not a huge group here, but they had to change locations at the last minute due to some logistical issues.  Also learned that Andy Warren has had to skip the summit this year, so I’ll definitely miss seeing him this week.

09:30pm: A small group of us have arranged to meet up at the Monkey Pub in Seattle.  It’s a relatively small place, with just a few other locals in addition to the 15 or so SQL folks in our group.  Delight of the evening: Brian and Penny Moran entertaining us with Jimmy Buffet songs.  Twitter reports that there is another SQL Karaoke event over at Bush Garden, though I have to admit that I’m enjoying this low-key group tonight.

12:30am: The SQL Karaoke party breaks up and everyone heads back to their hotels.  Most of us have early activities in the morning, so it’s a race to squeeze in as much sleep as possible.  (And thanks to Argenis Fernandez for the ride back to the hotel)

Tomorrow is my last day at the MVP Summit this week, with the rest of the week reserved for PASS Summit activities.  Tomorrow night’s big event is the PASS welcome reception, followed by the karaoke event (yes, another one) organized by Denny Cherry.

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