PASS Summit 2016 Recap

PASS Summit 2016It has been a fantastic week here in Seattle at the annual PASS Summit. I’ve spent the last five days hanging out with 4,000 or so of my closest friends while teaching and learning more about SQL Server and data management. Although my schedule kept me busy – I delivered 3 sessions including a half-day on Biml – but I did manage to attend a couple of sessions at the end of today. I got to meet a lot of folks, including quite a few first-timers (I understand that close to 40% of the attendees are at the Summit for the first time) and catch up with folks I’ve known for a while.

Tonight we’re headed down to the Crab Pot for our annual Friday-after-the-Summit consumption of a truckload of seafood. Tomorrow it’s back home for a well-earned break, as I’ve been traveling for the last four weeks straight.

Several of you in my two technical sessions have asked about the downloads from the presentations. You can download the materials for those courses below:

Thanks to the board, the HQ staff, volunteers, and all of the attendees who made PASS Summit 2016 a great week! See you all back here next year.

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