PASS Summit 2017 Day 1

seattle_airIt’s the first full day of the 2017 PASS Summit. As I write this, I am somewhere over the panhandle of Texas headed for Seattle and the rest of my #SQLFamily who are are already at the Summit. It’s been a bit strange for the last few days as I kept up with Summit goings-on. I typically arrive in Seattle early (either Sunday or Monday) to get in as much networking time as possible. This year, the event kicked off on Halloween, which is a big deal at my house, so I had to delay my departure until last night’s shenanigans were complete.

Unfortunately, my delayed arrival means that I’ll miss this morning’s keynote address. I’ll catch the recording later, but for those of you tuning in from home, you can watch the live streaming version on PASStv here. You can also watch a selection of the sessions for the next three days at the same link. My presentation is in that list, so tune in at 10:15 PDT Friday for my talk entitled, “SSIS and the Cloud: Yes, They Can Get Along”.

As soon as I’m wheels-down in Seattle, I’ll check in at my hotel and head over to the Washington State Convention Center where the Summit is being held. Later, I’ll be stopping by the SQLClinic’s happy hour event, followed by some time catching up with my friends over at SentryOne. If I’ve still got energy after that, I’ll stop by the karaoke party to see who’s singing.

In between sessions and meetings, I’ll be working with my friend Mike Walsh to record some videos for our new Youtube channel, Data Excursion. Keep an eye on this blog, my Twitter feed, or on the Data Excursion channel for new posts this week. Also, I’ll be live blogging here during tomorrow’s keynote address.

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