The Eleven Days of Festivus

The Eleven Days of FestivusIt’s that time of the year again – the Festivus season is upon us! In the next few weeks, families all over the world will be gathering around the Festivus pole while they wait for the traditional Festivus meat loaf to finish cooking. Afterward, they get some things off of their chests during the airing of grievances, followed by the always entertaining feats of strength.

Although there is typically no gift-giving ceremony as part of the Festivus celebration, I am starting a new tradition this year. Beginning today and continuing each day through Festivus Eve (December 22nd), I will be publishing a technical blog post per day as my gift to both of my blog readers. Each of these eleven posts will be brief and concise, each representing a small idea I’ve been wanting to blog about all year. Why eleven? Simple: It’s my third favorite prime number.

This tradition shall henceforth known as the Eleven Days of Festivus. I hope you enjoy the content. And as we part ways to celebrate Festivus with our respective families, I hope that your airing of grievances will be therapeutic, your feats of strength mighty, and your Festivus miracles plentiful.

Day 1: A Shortcut for Parameterizing Settings in SSIS

Day 2: SSIS Data Taps

Day 3: SSIS Package Validation in the Catalog

Day 4: Zip Files in SSIS

Day 5: Unzip Files in SSIS

Day 6: SSIS Execution Status Lookup

Day 7: SSRS 2016: Great and Getting Better

Day 8: The Trails We Leave

Day 9: Report Portal in SSRS

Day 10: KPIs in SSRS 2016

Day 11: SSIS Custom Logging Levels

Happy Festivus, everyone!

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