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The Eleven Days of Festivus 2017

festivusLast year, I celebrated the holiday season by blogging daily during the 11 days leading up to Festivus, writing about SSIS, reporting, and leaving data trails. I had so much fun doing that stretch that I’m doing it again this year for Festivus 2017.

Starting today and continuing through Festivus Eve (December 22nd), I’ll publish a post per day on this blog. I’ll catalog all of the links to those posts on this page. After the ink is dry on the final post a week from Saturday, I look forward to joining all of you around the Festivus pole to commence the traditional feats of strength and airing of grievances.

Day 1: When Best Practices Aren’t Best

Day 2: The Value of Consistent Design

Day 3: Picking the Right Team

Day 4: To Learn, Teach

Day 5: The Value of Shortcuts

Day 6: Some Thoughts on Community, Leadership, and Continuous Improvement

Day 7: My SQL Server Management Studio Setup

Day 8: Do You Really Need Real-Time?

Day 9: Making a Difference: Andy Warren

Day 10: A Business Lesson from an Oil Change

Day 11: Using SQL Server Management Studio Projects

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