The Eleven Days of Festivus 2019

The weather is turning cooler, there is holiday music everywhere, and the relatives are all excited to get together and talk about politics. That can only mean one thing: it’s almost time for Festivus!

For the last three years, I have spent the 11 days leading up to Festivus writing a blog post each day, and I’m delighted to continue that tradition for this last Festivus holiday of this decade. Starting today and continuing through Festivus Eve on December 22nd, I’ll be bringing you one new post per day.

This year, I’m changing things up a bit. Rather than whatever potpourri remains in my undone blogging list for the year, I’m going with a theme for this year’s Eleven Days of Festivus posts. For this year’s blogs, I’m going with a series I am calling…

It’s The Little Things

Over the years, I’ve learned ways to solve many data problems both big and small, and have blogged about some of the more complex concepts I have learned. But there’s a lot of value in the small, tactical things that I have learned along the way. To that end, I am assembling eleven of my favorite little tips, small practical how-tos on how to make better use of some of the software many of us commonly use.

As always, I’ll provide a link to each of the eleven posts below. For best results, you should read all of these posts after the feats of strength but before the airing of grievances.

Day 1: SSMS Tip: Beep When Query Completes

Day 2: SSMS Tip: Vertical Text Selection

Day 3: SSMS Tip: Management Studio Script Projects

Day 4: SSMS Tip: Portable User Settings

Day 5: SSMS Tip: Regular Expressions in SSMS

Day 6: Right-Click File Options in SSMS and SSDT

Day 7: SSIS Layout Formatting Options

Day 8: One-Click Package Restart in SSIS

Day 9: Find Your Missing SSIS Toolbox

Day 10: Checking SSIS Variable Values During Runtime

Day 11: Using the JOIN Function In Reporting Services

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