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The Eleven Days of Festivus 2018

festivusIt’s that time again! My Eleven Days of Festivus blogging extravaganza is now in its third year, and I’m happy to share one blog post per day with you for the 11 days between now and Festivus Eve (December 22nd).

As before, I’ll link all of the posts from this page. May your feats of strength be mighty, your airing of grievances be comprehensive, and your Festivus miracles be scientifically measurable. Happy Festivus!

Day 1: Naming Convention Hall of Shame

Day 2: Change Tracking Inserts Require SELECT Permission

Day 3: Extract The File Name In SSIS Data Flows Using The FileNameColumnName Property

Day 4: Using The SSIS Multiple Flat Files Connection Manager

Day 5: Processing Multiple Files In SSIS With The Foreach Loop

Day 6: SSIS Catalog Execution Parameter Values

Day 7: SSIS Catalog Automatic Log Cleanup

Day 8: Personal Touch: An Argument Against Automation

Day 9: A Better Way to Clean Up the SSIS Catalog Database

Day 10: Why I’m Breaking Up With Facebook

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